Rocket Mortgage VS Your Local Home Lender

Posted by Austin Shumaker on Jun 11, 2019 8:38:43 AM
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At Louisiana Home Lending, we hear these questions all the time. Whether it be from potential customers, those looking into funding commercial or residential construction projects, current customers, local insurance agents, or blasted on Pandora or popular podcasts:

  • "Is Rocket Mortgage really that good?"
  • "What is the difference between Louisiana Home Lending and Rocket Mortgage?"
  • "Is Rocket Mortgage a scam?"

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And even though Rocket Mortgage is a competitor of ours, we love getting these questions from the local community, because that means that they trust and respect our answers.

And for that, we are grateful.

But if we had to pinpoint the biggest differences between our level of service, our morals, and our mission at Louisiana Home Lending and that of Rocket Mortgage, we would respond accordingly to the question of:

Why choose Louisiana Home Lending?

Here at Louisiana Home Lending, you're family.

Our children grow-up together; playing the same sports and attending the same schools. We live, shop and worship together.

                    We're community.

                       We're family.

Louisiana Home Lending understands how financial commitments today can affect your family's quality of life tomorrow. With each individual loan, seeking your best is always our first.

  • Larger companies, such as Rocket Mortgage, tend to view their customers as business deals. We view our customers as family.
  • Large companies accrue large fees. Investing "big" in advertising creates financial gaps to be filled by customers.
  • Larger companies have larger books of business.
  • As a common practice, they're able to lower one potential client's rate to secure a contract while raising the following client's rate to compensate.

That's not ethical.

Louisiana Home Lending values every customer. We focus on detail. Embracing consistency, we fight to find the best available loan option for you.

Your future is valued far above our book of business!

So, why choose a local lender over a larger, national brand?

Because we ARE "Louisiana Home Lending": rooted in Lafayette, putting your future first.

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